Andrew Skotzko

Impact entrepreneur & product strategist

Hello, world! I'm Andrew.

I’m an impact-driven entrepreneur, product designer, and systems thinker with insatiable curiosity.

Me in 10 seconds

  • I’m passionate about building products, sustainability, social impact, solving climate change, and expanding human potential.
  • I'm most interested in for-profit, impact-driven businesses and how technology can solve big f*cking problems. Especially the future of food and clean energy.
  • Card-carrying food nerd. I'll geek out on protein denaturation and cooking techniques anytime.
  • My favorite parable is 'Eat Me If You Wish.'

What I'm doing now

I just completed six months in residence at the Global Solutions Program at Singularity University (SU), located on NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA.

While at SU, I helped start Afriji, a company building affordable, off-grid refrigeration solutions for the 1 billion+ people globally without a reliable source of electricity. While doing that, I especially loved collaborating with the Stanford (Design for Extreme Affordability program), Google X, and Lawrence Berkeley Lab.

I'm currently advising on sustainable tech & product development projects, particularly those that focus on the future of food or transitioning our built environments and energy systems to a clean and regenerative future.

Last updated 6 December 2016.

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What do I believe?

I imagine a world where each person gets up in the morning and can go out and make their unique contribution to the world, rather than surviving it. I believe we have what it takes to create this world of abundance.

Everything I do is to enable people to thrive. I work to create the space where life thrives, where people and their environments aren't just surviving, but are fully alive.

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