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A new chapter = a really long walk + new ideas

A new chapter = a really long walk + new ideas

I want to mark a big milestone. Last month, I wrapped up ~5 terrific creative years with Applied Invention, where I was a group product lead for several groundbreaking new products in sustainability. What a ride! We built some terrific things that are making the world a better place, and I’m very proud of the work we did together. I can’t wait to see what the team creates next.

Going forward, I’ll be doubling down on the direction I’ve been exploring through my Make Things That Matter podcast and writing over the last few years: high-performance flourishing. I’ll focus on building products and enabling organizations to maximize people’s creative and cognitive performance, and thrive while they do so.

Domain-wise, I’ll be exploring learning and growth, creative tooling, and maximizing the intersection of wellness and performance within the workplace. Functionally, I’ll continue working to shape great products and influence organizations through product and organizational design, advising startups, and learning out loud via podcasting, writing, and speaking. 

So, what’s next?

A few of you have asked what I plan to do next. First, I’m taking a break until mid-summer to focus on learning and exploring. Traveling, reflecting, connecting with friends old and new, reading, and learning in some areas I want to go deeper on. I’ve been lucky to have so many rich experiences in the last few years and I want to take time to properly reflect on it all before I push the gas pedal again. 

To start, I’ll be walking ~900km across Spain along El Camino de Santiago beginning this weekend. It’ll take me 5-6 weeks to do the whole thing. I’ll be mostly quiet / offline during this time, although a few scheduled podcast episodes will go out.

El Camino

When I return, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with many of you! I want to hear what you’re working on and look at the world fresh through an innovator’s lens as I experiment with possible ventures and product ideas. 

My focus is on how to unleash teams for maximum creative potential and performance. If you are focused on this space as a product person, company leader, Chief People Officer, L&D strategist, or similar, and are looking to share pain points or ideate solutions, please reach out. You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or through this website, and my emails remain the same.