Andrew Skotzko

Impact entrepreneur & product strategist

Essentials for Recent Grads

I find myself giving advice to recent grads or people in their early 20s about how to navigate the swirliness that is early-real-adult-life. How do I navigate my career choices? Do I take the job with the sweet salary or this other thing that doesn’t pay so well…but is kinda cool in a way I can’t quite explain?

There’s a lot to say. But frankly, people are often overwhelmed by the time they’re asking these questions. So let’s get our Thoreau on and simplify, simplify, simplify.

There are really only 4 things you need to do in your early 20s:

  1. Find way to work you love
  2. Learn how to manage money and don’t fuck it up
  3. Develop good habits
  4. Learn communication skills

Nail these and you’ll not only have a great life in your early 20s, you’ll be well set up beyond that also.

September 2016

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